The Apple Lords Giveth (not Taketh Away)

This post was originally published in Advertising Age Digital Next; read it there for the full effect. Also, I added a poll via, which I support as an angel investor. I would love your feedback if you try it out. And now, my (slightly belated) post on WWDC... The Apple Lords Giveth (not Taketh Away) One might be inclined to think that the sole intent of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this week was... Read more →

6 Characteristics of Great Storymaking

originally published in Ad Age - read the published version there and share away Six Characteristics of Great Storymaking It's easy to call storytelling a cliché, but how exactly can one move beyond it when storytelling is entrenched as the epitome of what defines great marketing? In previous Ad Age columns and during the Ad Age Digital Conference this April, storymaking has kept coming up as a way to describe the shift away from the... Read more →

Event season is heating up, and I'll be speaking at five of them in mid-May... on five different topics. If you happen to be at all five, then it shouldn't get too repetitive. Let me know if your plans overlap with mine. May 12: I'll be speaking at a private company event in Austin, TX. It'll be a quick visit, but if you're based there, I may have some time to meet that Monday, May... Read more →

What's this storymaking stuff all about? I've been blogging about it and presenting on it, but let's have a real conversation about it. That's the plan for my webinar coming up with Sally Falkow on Tuesday at 1pm ET, hosted by CommPRO. Register at the above link, and be prepared to ask some great questions, as we hope to keep it very interactive. Read more →

Originally published in Ad Age The shift from storytelling to storymaking is well under way. I first wrote about storymaking in a DigitalNext columnlast year, describing how marketers can tap into stories people are sharing with each other, as opposed to the broadcast approach of storytelling. Storymaking isn't a tactic in its own right, but various technologies can bring it to life. Here are four technologies that are powering storymaking and how brands can use... Read more →

It turns out that as much as I've been talking about where mobile media, marketing, and technology are heading, I haven't exactly been eating my own dog food. Thanks to a Facebook post by Jeremiah Owyang, I found the Google tool to assess if a site is mobile-friendly. Mine wasn't. At all. It was terrible. Now, I didn't exactly design my site myself. I used a template from TypePad. So I searched for info about... Read more →

Happy event season. I've got a couple fun things that I'm moderating this month. If you're going to either of these, drop me a note. First, this week is Ad Age's Digital conference with a who's who of brand CMOs, agency CEOs, and other leaders. Here's my session, Tuesday at 2: The Story Makers For too long, marketers have been focusing on how they communicate on digital platforms through the wrong lens—thestoryteller’s lens. As a... Read more →

The Only Other SXSW 2015 Recap You Will Ever Need: Brands, Tech, Meerkat, Trends, and Meerkat

I did enjoy creating a recap deck for SXSW before the event. It was perhaps a little too honest. And it was oddly useful for building out an actual recap. Now that it's done though, here's a recap in earnest of SXSW 2015, focusing on brands, technology, and some great observations from my MRY team. MRY's SXSW 2015 Recap: Brands, Tech, Meerkat, Trends, and Meerkat from David Berkowitz Read more →

Are you going to South by Southwest (SXSW) this year? I'll be back for SXSW Interactive - my seventh straight year there. Here are a few ways to stay looped in: 1) I've got a draft deck on Slideshare that gives a taste of all the trends you'll see at SXSW. Yes, it's a parody, but yet all too real for what goes on in trying to do recaps for clients afterwards. Even more importantly,... Read more →