What are you doing next Thursday? I'll tell you what I'm doing, and we can compare notes. I'll be participating in a two-part webinar series hosted by PR Newswire and CommPRO.biz, featuring an esteemed roster: Dori Fern (Meredith's MXM), Paul Kontonis (Digiday), Michael Pranikoff (PR Newswire), Steve Rubel (Edelman), Fiorelli Salvo (Mashable), and Ken Wincko (PR Newswire). It's a two-part series, with one from 11:30am-12:30pm and then the second (mine) from 1-2pm. Register here, and... Read more →

Introducing the Storymaking Bible: One of the Only 2 (or 4) Bibles You'll Ever Need!

When working on my latest talk about storymaking (a familiar theme for those following along here), I realized I kept cutting some great examples. When presenting, I'm biased toward those with great visuals or videos, but that doesn't mean those are always the most relevant or innovative. This deck will be continually updated, so when following along on SlideShare, you'll always get the latest version. The Storymaking Bible: The Future of Storytelling from David Berkowitz Read more →

Is the Thrill of the Product Hunt Gone?

This was originally published Medium and LinkedIn - seems like it's worth sharing here too... Product Hunt debuted in mid-2014 at the perfect time to give startups a way to promote themselves to a populace that seemingly can’t get enough of them. But maybe some of us can get enough after all. Below, data from Product Hunt itself implies as much. The Google Trend chart below tracking the search term “product hunt” tells some of... Read more →

Originally published in Ad Age Are you betting big on branded content? Whether it's because you've caught the content marketing bug or you're trying to escape the horrors of "Adblockergeddon," you're not alone. While content marketing is complicated, knowing two rules at the outset can make the whole process much more effective: Build trust and get out of the way. Your partners who produce the content may not say this so bluntly. After all, they... Read more →

Revenge of the Storymakers: Now in Convenient Video Form

Missed my latest talk on storymaking at Inbound 2015 in Boston last month? Those HubSpot folks have thought of everything, and have now posted the full video of the session. Watch away, and let me know what you think. All the slides are further below, annotated so it's easier to follow along without the video narration. It was a real honor to join Inbound, and it was one of the most lean-forward crowds I've addressed... Read more →

originally published in Advertising Age The crises hitting the ad industry keep multiplying. Ad-blocking stories have topped the trades and mainstream press for weeks. Talent shortages abound, though the great work produced by top talent is rarely properly rewarded. Twenty years after the first banner ad debuted, we still can't agree on what an impression is. There are crises of confidence matched by crises of competence. Every crisis breeds opportunity. Here is a simple guide... Read more →

10 Ways the 2016 Olympics Won’t Resemble 2014

Marketers' Road to the 2016 Olympics from MRY An abridged version of this post was originally published in VentureBeat as "7 New Ways Brands Will Get Attention at the 2016 Olympics," and this version has been published on LinkedIn as well. If you're reading it for the third time, a) thank you, and b) why? With the Olympics now a year away, kicking off August 5, 2016, that may seem like a long time for... Read more →

14 Interns, 2 Campaigns, 1 Critical Challenge

At MRY, I've had the great pleasure of working with some inspiring classes of interns, and the summer intern class of 2015 was no exception. For the big team project this year, we gave them an especially daunting brief: come up with a campaign to support college students grappling with mental health issues. Oh yeah, and they'd have little time to do it, next to no budget, and they'd be working with people they just... Read more →

originally published in Ad Age Digital Next; an updated version is below Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel came to the Cannes Lions festival with a fittingly short message that he hopes won’t disappear from advertisers’ minds after 10 seconds. He promoted 3V advertising, where the V’s stand for “Vertical Video Views.” He makes a strong case, but he’ll still lose out to another model. Spiegel gave a command performance, and not just to a full house... Read more →

The Top 25 Quotes from Cannes Lions 2015

Want a recap of the 2015 Cannes Lions, whether or not you made it to the Palais? Below should help, with lots of quotes and links to the original sources for more wisdom. It features luminaries like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Monica Lewinsky, Pharrell, Peter Kim of Cheil, Matt Britton of MRY, and many more. The Top 25 Quotes from Cannes Lions 2015 from David Berkowitz Read more →