originally published in Ad Age Members of the Alpha Generation, on the heels of Generation Z, are only 0 to 2 years old today. They account for absolutely no purchasing power. But they will soon take over the world -- because that's what subsequent generations supposedly do. I have spent thousands of hours observing one member of the Alpha Generation, and I have done meticulous ethnographic research on her peers in playdates, at family gatherings,... Read more →

CES 2016 in Review: The Autonomous 4K VR 3D IoT Drone Awakens

It's an annual tradition - getting the CES recap deck up before CES is even over. This year, I've altered the flow somewhat, focusing more on overarching trends and themes, and leaving the tech highlights for dessert. But it's all there. And as per usual, there are tons of links cited throughout the deck, and a grand recap of many more at the end, so you may just want to skip ahead and read it... Read more →

Quiz: How Well Do You Know CES Tech Flops?

With my friends at Riddle, I've got a fun CES quiz for you. I learned a few things along the way. Take the quiz and let me know how well you did. <div style="display: none;" data-mce-style="display: none;"><section><h2>How well do you know the biggest tech flops of the past 10 years?</h2><div>Some came with massive hype, others just fizzled out from humble beginnings. Let's see how well you remember these mega tech flops!</div></section><section><h3>Microsoft made plenty of noise... Read more →

CES 2016 Preview Roundup

As part of my preview of this year's Consumer Electronics Show (embedded below), I included a slide at the end, updated a number of times, with some of the best coverage previewing the show. To make it even easier, here's the list: CES 2016 Innovation Awards (CES) CES 2016 Sneak Peek: 9 Cool Gadgets (InformationWeek) Top Technology Trend to Watch 2016-2018 (Forrester) Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016 (Forbes) Marketers: 5 Technologies You... Read more →

10 Years of CES

Attending CES for ten years means traveling a total of 50,000 miles (from New York), navigating about 20 million square feet of exhibit space, mingling with some subset of more than 1.5 million attendees, and creating at least 1,000 slides for recap decks. I also know that one’s status as a rookie or veteran is determined by others; my familiarity with the Consumer Electronics Show is dwarfed by those who have been attending for decades.... Read more →

There's no wintry slowdown here - which is fitting, since it doesn't feel like winter. In case you're curious, I've got two new bylines that were published over the past week. In Adweek, I published my first byline there. I don't expect to make it a habit, but the idea for it came up a few months ago during a Twitter chat (I sometimes treat #adweekchat as a competitive sport), and the story just ran.... Read more →

To close out the year, I started writing a post about what won't happen in 2016. All my favorite subjects centered on virtual reality. The column below originally ran in Ad Age. Reality Check: 2016 Won't Be the Year of VR 10 Reasons Why Marketers Can't March Blindly Into Virtual Reality If 2015 was the year in which mainstream marketers started caring about virtual reality, then in 2016, will VR become a budget line item?... Read more →

Catch the Only CES 2016 Preview You'll Ever Need

Want to know what the trends will be at CES 2016? Sorry, I have no idea. It hasn't happened yet. And once it happens, I'll just be making most of them up to fit preconceived notions about what they should be and what I hope my clients will care about. Oh wait, are we not supposed to talk that honestly about how the whole trendwatching business works? In light of that, you might as well... Read more →

As I play catch-up here, I wanted to give a little plug to my friends at the Shorty Awards, where I've been a member of the Real-Time Academy of judges since I was in short pants (get it?). They asked me to publish some career advice there, and I know they have been regretting it ever since. Yet somehow, they keep this article up there, probably because they don't know anyone else who will sift... Read more →

I'm a little slow to post this here but would be remiss not to. Several weeks back, I had a fun time talking shop with Dorian Benkoil, founder of the MediaThon series and one of the savviest content marketing practitioners I know. The result of the conversation was an extensive interview, one where I get to be more candid than usual about how things work in B2B marketing for my agency, MRY, and what I've... Read more →