A slightly abridged version of this column was originally published in Ad Age. After trying to make my own existence obsolete by creating a bot, I’ve discovered that I must continue on in my corporeal being, as bots still have a few kinks. But this attempt at bot creation offered a good taste of what bots can do, what they can’t, and what marketers will need to overcome in the short-term. The bot, which connects... Read more →

Next week, I'm going to head up to Boston to sit down with the folks at Vivoom to give a talk on mobile marketing best practices and what it means for the future of mobile. The good news is that the talk will be broadcast online, so go to vivoom.co/webinar to sign up for it, and then tune in August 4 at 1pm EST for the event. For my part, I've crafted some new material... Read more →

After I penned my Ad Age column about Pokemon Go, I decided to try my hand at a Pokemon tweetstorm. #PokemonGO marketing #tweetstorm coming. Watch this space… (1/15) — David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) July 12, 2016 I couldn't figure out how to embed the whole thing (please give me any pointers if you know how). However, I did have drafts of the tweets saved before, and I only had minor edits, mostly for character length. #PokemonGO... Read more →

Instead of just reposting the Ad Age article that I ran this week at the outset of the Pokemon Go craze, I'm sharing a substantially different version below. After several rounds of edits, my Ad Age piece, "A Marketer's Guide to Pokemon Go," is about 50% shorter. That probably makes it a better read, so I recommend you read it there, and share it there, and comment there about how it's one of the 50... Read more →

originally published in Ad Age A Sniff Test for the Internet of Things My air freshener is connected to the internet. Now I know what the internet of things smells like: floral notes covering up overpriced hardware and overcomplicated software that provide a marginal benefit. When the Febreze Home internet-connected plug-in air freshener arrived in the mail this month, I opened the box and beheld yet another questionable impulse buy. I ordered it during this... Read more →

In CMO.com, Matthew Schwartz just published a story on paid, owned, and earned media. I shared a few thoughts: “One of the big reasons for the confusion with PEO is you often have one component in ascendance and another decreasing,” said David Berkowitz, who was most recently CMO of MRY, part of Publicis Groupe's Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG). “Right now ‘PEO’ is more like uppercase ‘P,’ lowercase ‘e,’ and lowercase ‘o.” [PEO is] increasingly driven... Read more →

This post originally ran in Ad Age. The image above is the rate card from QQTube. How to Make a Bad Impression When it comes to digital marketing, you always get a second chance to make an impression. Impressions are cheap, and way too many buyers and sellers still rely on them as currency. While this has been an issue for decades, marketers can’t stop their impression addiction. This is partly because impressions (and equivalent... Read more →

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining a ridiculously sharp group talking about evaluating marketing technologies. MediaPost covers the highlights (ignore that they call it OMMA Programmatic instead of OMMA Marketing Tech); I've included some excerpts below. Thanks Jess Joines for moderating a stellar session. Excerpts: “Vetting the Vendors” at OMMA Programmatic on Wednesday addressed these issues with a panel led by Jessica Joines, co-founder & partner at Industry Index, a firm that ranks... Read more →

In November 2005, ten and a half years ago, I launched the MarketersStudio.com blog. The name was inspired by Inside the Actors Studio. The original idea was to build on the interviews I published at eMarketer from 2001-2004. I probably should have done a lot more of that. Now, some change is coming. I will still keep up writing and blogging, but as I've started to do some consulting during this break from my agency... Read more →